Telkonet Awarded Patent for the Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker

19 Sep 2006

Germantown, MD, Telkonet, Inc. (Amex: TKO), the leader in providing in-building broadband access over existing electrical wiring, today announced that it has been issued U.S. patent number 7,091,831, titled “Method and Apparatus for Attaching Power Line Communications to Customer Premises” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patented technology incorporates a safety disconnect circuit breaker into the Telkonet Coupler, creating a single streamlined unit. In doing so, installation of the Telkonet iWire System™ is faster, more efficient, and more economical than with separate disconnect switches, delivering optimal signal quality. The Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker patent covers Telkonet's unique technique used for interfacing and coupling its communication devices onto the three-phase electrical systems that are predominate in commercial buildings.

The Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker is a component of the Telkonet iWire System, which enables in-building broadband Internet and data access over a building's existing electrical wiring. The Telkonet Gateway converts IP connections to a PLC signal and distributes PLC to the Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker. The Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker takes the PLC signal from the Telkonet Gateway and injects that signal into the in-building electrical wiring. The Telkonet iBridge™ enables a user to connect a computer or IP device to the PLC network.

Stephen Sadle, Senior Vice President, Director and Co-Founder of Telkonet, commented, “Telkonet is always looking for ways to simplify the installation process and to reduce costs. By integrating a safety disconnect switch, the installation time for a licensed electrician is cut almost in half, simplifying the installation and saving costs. The Telkonet Integrated Coupler Breaker also takes up substantially less space when installed in the electrical closet.”

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