Linksys Announces Availability of HomePlug AV

The Next Generation of Standards-based Powerline Networking for the Home

8 Jan 2007

Las Vegas, NV and Irvine, CA, January 8, 2007 - From the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, Linksys®, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc., and the recognized leading global manufacturer of voice, wireless, and networking hardware for the home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and small business user, today announced its newest PowerLine networking products that are designed for HomePlug AV, the next generation of PowerLine standards from the HomePlug PowerLine Alliance.

Linksys PowerLine AV Solutions Offer Alternative “No New Wires” Solution to Moving Entertainment Content Around the Home

The Linksys PowerLine AV Ethernet Kit (PLK200) includes two PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter (PLE200) units, enabling consumers to purchase a complete solution to connect their computers, networked entertainment products, or peripheral devices utilizing the existing power lines at data throughput speeds up to 100Mbps* around their home.

The Powerline AV Ethernet kit comes with two Powerline AV Ethernet Adapters and two Ethernet cables. The first adapter can connect with the included Ethernet cable into a broadband wired or wireless router via the LAN port on the router, then the adapter plugs into a power outlet in the wall. The second Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter can then be plugged into a computer other networked device with the Ethernet cable via the Ethernet port and the other end of the adapter is then plugged into a power outlet within the home. The need for two powerline adapters are required to share a broadband connection and access other devices connected to the network. Up to 16 other computers or devices on a network utilizing a PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter can access the Internet connection or each other.

Linksys PowerLine AV solutions incorporate a robust, highly secure and reliable means of transferring data and high definition content around the home. Because they are designed for the HomePlug AV standard, the new products can combat electrical noise generated by appliances, electronic devices and halogen lights, as well as facilitating highly secure networking through the built-in encryption techniques to reduce the risk of neighbors on the same power grids gaining access to sensitive data or the Internet connection.

“HomePlug AV is an ideal solution to connect media adapters, set top boxes and other networked entertainment devices to a home network because of the high bandwidth and increased range PowerLine products provide,” said Matt McRae, Linksys senior director of business development and a member of the HomePlug PowerLine Alliance board of directors. “PowerLine AV solutions from Linksys are giving consumers the ability to build a connected home that fits their lifestyle by introducing complimentary networking technologies in the home that work seamlessly with other standards-based technologies like Wireless-N and Ethernet.”

The Linksys PowerLine AV solutions differ from other advanced PowerLine products because they are designed for the HomePlug AV standards that are expected to be interoperable or co-exist with other HomePlug AV products on the market. Most existing proprietary solutions only work with same-vendor branded solutions and are not backward compatible with the industry standard HomePlug solutions.

“The Linksys HomePlug AV solutions are helping to drive the HomePlug AV standard forward,” said Mathew Theall president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. “Linksys' strong presence in retail and their broad offering of all types of home networking solutions will help to integrate powerline solutions seamlessly with other networking topologies around the home.”

Linksys Powerline AV solutions can provide the following benefits to consumers:

  • Enables networking over existing power lines in the home
    Provides networking speeds potentially as fast as wired Ethernet*
    Suitable for HDTV, Networking, VoIP, Gaming
    Co-exists with existing HomePlug 1.0 products

  • Simple plug-n-play installation
    Works out-of-the-box
    Pre-encrypted, user can change security key with included software

  • Superior reliability and robustness
    The HomePlug AV standard offers some of the best immunity to noise that is generated on home power lines by appliances, electronic devices and halogen lighting.

Pricing and Availability:

The PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit (PLK200) and single Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter (PLE200) are immediately available throughout the US via major retail, online retailers and distributors. Estimated Street Pricing is $179.99 and $119.99 respectively.

Linksys will be highlighting these solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

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