Asoka Continues to Push the Powerline Networking Technology Envelope

2006 International CES Booth #26811 South Hall / Booth #70127 Sands

5 Jan 2006

Las Vegas, NV - Jan 5, 2006 - Leading Powerline developer and manufacturer, Asoka USA Corporation is showcasing its most complete lineup yet of 85Mbps-based Powerline network solutions, providing total connectivity for your digital lifestyle.

Numerous innovations in design and development have allowed Asoka to push the envelope in making networking simple, secure, and seamless.

Four new products of note are:

  • PlugLink 9154 Powerstrip is a complete Powerline integrated power strip ideal for all your emerging digital home needs.
  • PlugLink 9550 Wireless Adapter that provides a wireless “G” hotspot and an Ethernet access through the power lines.
  • PlugLink 9950 Cable/ DSL Router that is possibly the world's most compact router.
  • PlugLink 9850 IP Camera, a home monitoring and/or security solution.

Along with its residential product line, Asoka is also presenting its commercial Powerline network solution, PlugLAN, for multi-dwelling units. Of special interest is a preview of Asoka's upcoming addition to its PlugLAN family: The PlugLAN 8750 SmarTap dual outlet tap.

The PlugLink 9550 & 9950 will ship in January. The PlugLink 9154 and 9850 will ship in 2Q. The PlugLAN 8750 SmarTap will ship in 2Q.

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