Asoka Unveils Commercial-Grade Powerline Networking Tailored for Multi-Dwellings

Provides Hotels, Motels and Large Occupancy Buildings with Effortless and Cost-Effective Network

21 Jun 2005

Los Angeles, CA - HITEC - June 21, 2005 - Asoka USA Corporation, the world's leading Powerline Communications developer and manufacturer, this week unveiled the first commercial-grade Powerline network solution, PlugLAN™, designed especially for the hospitality and multiple-dwelling markets.

Provisioning Ethernet connectivity over the existing electrical wires at speeds of up to 85 Mbps and distances of up to 1, 000 feet, PlugLAN eliminates the need for any additional dedicated data wiring. PlugLAN is the most ubiquitous network topology that allows the delivery of data, voice and video applications to more people and more places than any other technology, including cable or digital subscriber lines (DSL). In addition, PlugLAN can be integrated into existing Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, permitting system integrators and service providers to easily extend connectivity in new or unwired locations.

“Asoka is very proud to launch the first commercial-grade Powerline network solution in the industry that can provide broadband over powerlines to large occupancy buildings,” said Elsa Chan, Director of Business Development at Asoka USA Corporation. “We spent nearly two years in research and development, and in interviewing and surveying system integrators, building managers, service providers, hotel administrators and network administrators. And we believe PlugLAN finally addresses all of the market's needs and requirements. Also, being the first to offer this solution is further testament to our company-wide dedication to Powerline technology.”

The PlugLAN solution consists of three components: (1) the Gateway 8950; (2) the SmartBridge and (3) the SmartJack. The entire solution will be on display at HITEC in the Asoka Booth #347.

Chan added, “PlugLAN is the first commercial Powerline network solution that supports large deployments—not just 80 rooms. What's more, PlugLAN uses HomePlug®, the Powerline industry-standard, along with other industry standard protocols such as VLAN, SNMP, IGMP and QoS, allowing our customers to integrate with other solutions or billing management software.”

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