PowerLinx Acquires Digital Transmission Patents

4 Feb 2004

Tierra Verde, Fla. - Feb. 4, 2004 - PowerLinx, Inc. (OTCBB:PWLX - News), the leader in power line communication products, has acquired multiple patents defining digital transmission through regular power lines and also through twisted pair wires.

These patented techniques enhance the distance and quality of service (QOS) of a digital signal transmission delivered through power lines and twisted pair wires. Companies will be able to use the developed technology in a multiple of industries including but not limited to:

  • Security Systems
  • Automotive Systems
  • Other applications such as Building and/or Home Communication Systems

The combined markets for these industries are in the multiple of billions of dollars giving PowerLinx a proprietary advantage in the area of digital transmission.

Digital Powerline technology provides the transmission of video and data to users over the same lines that bring electric power to homes and businesses. Companies can use Digital Powerline Technology to implement networks across standard electric powerlines and will enjoy the tremendous business benefit of lower implementation costs and greater flexibility in their corporate applications.

Digital Powerline technology also provides convenient home or business Internet access. There is no need for bulky in-house apparatus associated with wireless access or for additional purchases of cables.

The technology will also be applicable in transportation applications where systems can be built to dramatically reduce the number of wires in a car, truck or bus. Basic control functions such as turn signals to more advanced applications such as on board computers can all function with greatly simplified wiring harnesses. This translates into savings in cost, materials, and weight. The digital applications will be a great compliment to the Company's patented PowerLine Vision Systems(TM) (PLVS) for heavy duty trucks, recreational vehicles, and SUVs which provides video from side or rear-vision cameras that are sent to the driver via an analog PLC (power line carrier) signal for viewing on a flat-panel or green phosphorous video display.

Utilizing this proprietary technology, PowerLinx will have the ability to deliver on a technical vision which has tremendous worldwide applications. PowerLinx is one of the first technology companies that have operating systems which allow an organization to install a digital based security system to survey and monitor an entire location from both the internal and external environments.

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