MOPNET presents Power Line & Cable Communications products based on SPiDCOM Technologies solution to the US market

During the 2007 CES show, MOPNET will present M-Plug™ PLC Modem, WL@NTEL™ PLC / Wireless system and C@BLTEL™ PLC over Coaxial Cable system

8 Jan 2007

Las Vegas, USA, January 8th, 2007 - “High-Speed, Flexible and Configurable” is Powerline Communication by SPiDCOM. Convinced by the performance, the ability to work on several types of wires and the openess of this unique high-speed PLC solution, MOPNET selected SPiDCOM Technologies to provide the technological base for three products MOPNET is presenting to the US market during the 2007 CES.

Electrical wires are ubiquitous as they can be found in 95% of worldwide households; the network is already built-in. Furthermore, the user can access this network everywhere, as the typical household has 48 electrical outlets.

M-Plug™ Powerline / Ethernet Adapter takes advantage of this, supporting the distribution of video, voice, and broadband Internet over existing electrical wires.

To add even greater mobility, MOPNET also developed the WLANTEL™ Powerline / Wireless system which enables the mix of wired and wireless technologies: the WLANTEL™ system receives the broadband data through power lines and transmits it to user devices through wireless.

SPiDCOM Technologies power line communication solution not only works on power lines, but also on coaxial cables. This is especially appealing for cable operators looking for ways to propose broadband services to their subscribers, while taking advantage of their existing infrastructures. Enlarging their offer, operators can increase customer loyalty.

C@BLTEL™ products enable operators to re-use their HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) networks, installed for CATV, to propose Triple Play to their users.

These equipments, based on the SPC200-e PLC chip, will be presented at SPiDCOM Technologies' booth during 2007 CES show.

2007 CES, Las Vegas

Booth № 26 415, Connected Home Entertainment TechZone, LVCC South Hall 2.

ShenZhen MOPNET Industrial Co., ltd

ShenZhen MOPNET Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1994. MOPNET focuses on the research and development of telecom solutions and products for the fixed and mobile networks. MOPNET markets Access and Networking system equipment and CPE. In addition, MOPNET provides worldwide OEM/ODM services for above products.

SPiDCOM Technologies

SPiDCOM Technologies is a fabless semi-conductor company. It specialises in integrated circuits and Linux based software bundles for very high-speed communication over electrical powerlines and coaxial cables for both In-home and Access applications.

SPiDCOM's current 200Mbps class PLC (powerline communication) technology has been successfully deployed in both PLC and cable markets (In-Home and Access).

Using this extensive experience as a basis, SPiDCOM is now updating its product range to include the HomePlug AV standard.

SPiDCOM is Contributor Member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

Press Contact SPiDCOM Technologies

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92340 Bourg la Reine - France
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