Ariane Controls to install Powerline Communication units in Japan

8 Feb 2006

Ariane Controls announced today that it has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Jepico Corporation, a Japanese electronics manufacturer and distributor based in Tokyo.

“This partnership opens the doors of the growing Japanese market for us in a way that would not be possible otherwise” notes Francis Raveneau, Ariane's Business Development Manager and responsible for relations with Jepico. “We will maximize our efforts to complete their powerline communications expertise and market insight to be well positioned when the market picks up.

“JEPICO has a client base already demanding PLC solutions for their next-generation products” says Koki Yamakawa, marketing leader at JEPICO. “Having Ariane's technology in our line-up will help us respond to those needs and broaden our reach in the Japanese market”.

JEPICO Corporation is active since 1972 in the fields of Industry, Military and Space and has several offices in Japan, Hong-Kong and the USA.

Filed: Feb 2006, AMR, Press, Co: Ariane, Tech: None

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