Asoka Expands Global Reach With Opening of Japan Office

Asoka Announces Japan Certified Ethernet Adapter

15 Jan 2008

Foster City, CA - Asoka USA, a leading HomePlug® powerline network solutions provider, announced today the opening of its Asoka office in Yokohama, Japan. The office, to be managed by Yuichi Okubo, will be the central location for Japanese sales and product development. The Japanese market welcomes Asoka with a product certification of the PlugLink HD 7660 Ethernet Adapter PL7660-ETH from the HD-PLC (High Definition Power Line communication) standard.

In an effort to continue global growth, Asoka will support Japanese customers and manufacturers from its local office. Yuichi Okubo will not only function as the general manager of the Asoka Japan office but will maintain the title of Director of Sales in Japan. Okubo has over 20 years of experience in the Japanese technology market as well as a strong engineering and management background. He will work to maintain Asoka's awareness in Japan and drive sales in the region.

The PlugLink HD 7660 Ethernet Adapter PL7660-ETH uses Wavelet OFDM to meet HD-PLC standard of 190 Mbps. The retail cost for the PlugLink HD 7660 is 12,900 Yen and general availability of the product is slated for 1Q 2008. HD-PLC uses a 128-bit AES encryption method, to ensure extremely high security performance.

“Japan is an important market for Asoka and we are very excited to bring Okubo-san on board to lead with this wealth of technology and market experience,” said Asoka CEO, Dano Ybarra. “Participating in the Japanese based HD-PLC alliance is a great start for us and as the product line grows we will be looking to gain HD-PLC certification for additional Asoka solutions.”

Asoka offers the market's most robust and complete powerline networking solution, utilizing a building's pre-established electrical wiring to deliver Internet connectivity throughout a home or office. Encompassing both residential and commercial verticals through system integrators and service providers, Asoka's product line of Ethernet and wireless adapters, routers, power centers and customer premise equipment (CPE) offer a complete network solution for consumers and small businesses.

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