Universal Powerline Association awards certification logo to five more 200 Mbps UPA Powerline Products

Second Plugtest event showcases interoperability among products based on global standards for high-speed powerline communications - Now twelve products with 200 Mbps high definition ready home networking on the market

8 Jan 2007

Las Vegas, NV - January 8, 2007 - The Universal Powerline Association (UPA) today announced that following the results of its second product certification event, five new interoperable home networking powerline communications products have been granted the “UPA Plugtested” logo. UPA Plugtested products are independently tested for performance and interoperability. Consumers can be sure that the products bearing the UPA Plugtested logo will work together for all their networking requirements. UPA products are the only networking option available for the home or business that combine ease of installation with a consistent connection to deliver quality HD streaming. A total of twelve UPA certified 200 Mbps powerline products are available on the market today and on display at the Consumer Electronic Show.

Products that successfully completed the Plugtest event conform to the Digital Home Standard Specification, UPA DHS v1.0, which guarantees performance, coexistence and interoperability for high-speed, HD quality powerline communications products. Consumers can identify these standard compliant products by the special “UPA Plugtested” logo that UPA grants successful manufacturers for use on the product, packaging and other marketing collateral. “UPA Plugtested” products for the retail market are available in leading stores. UPA Plugtested products for the IPTV or operator market are available by contacting directly with the manufacturers.

Products that received certification at the latest Plugtest, include:

  • D-Link - Powerline Ethernet Adapter (DHP-300) and Kit (DHP-301)
  • PIRELLI - Discuss TM PowerlineAdapter (IP522VD);
  • TOYONETz - Powerline Ethernet adapter (PL3-CPE-XE10A1A);
  • Conceptronic - 1-2-3 PowerPlug (CPNP 200) ; and
  • Comtrend - Powerline Ethernet Adpater (CT-901);

Unlike other powerline specifications, UPA standards ensure backward compatibility with no loss of interoperability between different generations of UPA products. The first generation of UPA-certified consumer products has been available since March 2006, including:

  • Corinex Communications Corinex AV200 Powerline Ethernet Desktop (CXP-AV200-ETH), and the Corinex AV200 Powerline Ethernet Wallmount (CXP-AV200-WMT)
  • Toyo Network Toyonetz Ethernet Adpater (PLC-CPE-SE10BB);
  • Acbel Polytech PLC Ethernet Modem (DH-10P) and (DH-01P)
  • ILEVO Desktop Powerline Ethernet Adapter (ILV 701) and
  • NETGEAR Powerline HD Ethernet Adpater (HDX101) and Kit (HDXB-101).

“Interoperability is the main goal of standardization. The UPA provides product manufacturers and members an open environment in which to test compatibility and interoperability of equipment, being a guarantee for the final customers”, said Eric Morel, President of the UPA.

UPA's open standards and related compliance and interoperability programs including the Plugtest event are driving the adoption of high speed 200 Mbps powerline technology. UPA Plugtested products will be showcased at UPA member booths at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), from January 8-11, in Las Vegas. Visitors can see a special interoperable demo of UPA certified products at UPA member DS2's booth located at South Hall 2, Booth #25907.

Additional details of the UPA certification Working Group and Plugtest events are available at www.upalplc.org

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