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Electricom Consulting

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International Powerline Communications Forum Editor's Note

The Electricom Consulting team disbanded in early 2002, although work on the team's Powerline Publishing project continued.

Electricom is your technology partner in the Powerline Communications Industry

Powerline Telecommunications is an enabling hybrid technology, poised to unlock latent bandwidth, and generate new sources of revenue from existing power distribution networks, worldwide.

The prospect of high-speed digital access for every power utility customer has far reaching implications for society and for those who would wish to deliver that bandwidth and the services it could carry.

The successful deployment of these enabling technologies and services necessitates the integration of new and established disciplines in the power distribution, telecommunications and Internet service industries.

Evaluating, integrating and applying the growing range of available Powerline Communications technologies into a viable commercial service demands experience, knowledge and, above all, an independent perspective.

Electricom is your independent technology partner, working with you to help you identify, evaluate, obtain and apply available Powerline technologies and services through technical consultancy, facilitation of technical partnerships and the provision of specialist training.

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