BPL is all the rage in rural Internet

Popularity of high-speed effort like one in Martinsville area echoed nationwide

1 Feb 2005

February 1, 2005, MARTINSVILLE, Ind. - Difficult though it was, Fred and Robin Livesay ran three businesses from their home just outside town with a pokey dial-up link to the Internet.

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By Norm Heikens norm.heikens@indystar.com, Indianapolis Star

Now they have a new Internet service that sends information over electrical lines, and they wonder how they lived without it.

In November, the retirees' electric utility, South Central Indiana REMC in Martinsville, made their home a test site for “broadband-over-powerline.” The service sends and receives signals over the same wire carrying their electricity - and is being tried at dozens of sites across the country. Plug a computer into a special Internet modem that in turn plugs into a wall socket, and they're connected.

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