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The 4th PLC World Summit to be held in Prague on October 19 and 20

29 Jun 2006

Now in its 4th year and based on the success of the 3 previous editions, the PLC World Summit will address this year ‘the PLC market developments, trends, major initiatives and short term opportunities.’

NETGEAR touts 200Mbps BPL for home networking

27 Jun 2006

NETGEAR has launched a range of broadband over powerline (BPL) products designed specifically to tackle the problem of distributing high bandwidth low-latency traffic such as video and gaming around the home.

Marantz unveils ‘WEAVE’ home entertainment system

26 Jun 2006

Although multiroom audio via a mains supply isn't a wholly new invention, Marantz is the first manufacturer claiming to offer full CD quality mains streaming with the announcement of its new WEAVE (Wired Entertainment Accessible via Electricity) products.

Old Queen Mary Gets Connected Via Powerline Technology

19 Jun 2006

Passengers on many of the world's passenger ships cruising the world's seas have access to Internet connections, but the Queen Mary, launched in 1936 as the largest oceanliner of its time, has just been outfitted with wired and wireless Web connections.

PowerLine edging into VoIP Conferences

16 Jun 2006

As we move closer to the digital home or smart home it is good to see conferences directly related or partially related to the subject of home convergence becoming more and more popular. Hardware suppliers attend these conferences of course to sell their products, but if we take a look at some of their customer base they are the Telecom Operators which are rolling out Triple play services.

Powerline tech links whole home for triple play

16 Jun 2006

SiConnect announced what it touted as a “technology breakthrough” for in-home communication - the POEM technology.

This new powerline technology promises to address technical challenges presented by the use of existing domestic electrical wiring for the transport of audio, video, voice and data in the home.

SiConnect plugs into powerline home nets

14 Jun 2006

LONDON - SiConnect, a U.K. start-up, will start sampling soon a powerline transceiver IC that it claims overcomes the reliability, safety and cost issues holding back other protocols for networking video, data, audio and voice around the home.

Powerline goes into retail distribution

12 Jun 2006

PowerLine networking in the retail arena is good to see. LEA, a subsidiary of the HF Company group has announced that it is working in conjunction with OMENEX Group to promote their PowerLine products into retail outlets across France. Notably in Leclerc, Intermarché and Leroy Merlin who are some of the largest French retail outlets.

Powerline in Consumer Electronics

9 Jun 2006

A press released was issued a few days ago by Sony with the aim to demonstrate the benefits of combining IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-based personalized TV and Sony's home network based on Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standards to permit consumers to communicate between their mobile devices and home network.

PCCW Ltd. to deploy PowerLine Technology

6 Jun 2006

Hong Kong telecom service provider PCCW Ltd. is about to deploy the Homeplug Turbo Powerline networking standard for its broadband and IPTV platforms. The powerline technology will be used to capture broadband customers who are not willing to install new cables in their home.

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