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SiConnect provides market leading in-home powerline communications technology.

Its innovative silicon and software solutions enable existing domestic electrical wiring to be used to transport audio, video, voice and data throughout the home.

Working in partnership with the world’s blue chip telecommunication operators, cable companies and consumer electronics manufacturers, SiConnect is creating new benchmarks for PLC technology that achieve all capacity, reliability, ease of use and cost point goals.

SiConnect is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Swindon in the UK. Its unique POEM™ technology is the result of more than 150 man-years of development.

SiConnect is a member of CEPCA, the Home Gateway Initiative and IEEEP1901


Based on its unique POEM™ technology, SiConnect's portfolio of highly integrated chips addresses all the needs of consumer electronics manufacturers and telecom operators. The company is set to launch its first powerline transceiver chip during the third quarter of 2006.


While Ethernet and wireless technologies have successfully met all the requirements of office based PC networks, they have been less successful at supporting the rapidly changing needs of the home network.

Growth in digital TV for example has increased the demands for networks capable of distributing IP data around the home. And the emergence of triple play services - combining IPTV, high-speed IP data and VoIP - have further fuelled the need.

The home environment itself, particularly in Europe, has simply stood in the way of widespread adoption of Ethernet and wireless based home networks. Thick walls, of brick or reinforced concrete, and multiple floors create significant problems for wireless, and retrofitting Category 5 cabling is impractical.

SiConnect's POEM™ technology overcomes all of the environmental problems and provides the reliable means to handle home networking applications. Making use of existing electrical wiring, POEM technology provides the data rates, managed QoS and robust topology to make the distribution of audio, video, voice and data throughout the home a reality.

SiConnect's POEM™ technology is differentiated by the following key features:

  • 16 level managed QoS
  • $5 price point
  • Whole home coverage
  • Compliance with global EMC regulations
  • Ease of use - plug and play - no home visits
  • Privacy and security facilities
  • Requires no new wires or wireless infrastructure
  • A complete solution - silicon, software, reference designs, simple integration

News Search Results for SiConnect

SiConnect demonstrates multi-application powerline home networking at CES

7 Jan 2008

At this week's 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, SiConnect will be demonstrating a range of home networking products based on its POEM powerline communications technology. As the leader in multimedia-ready home networking, SiConnect will also be outlining its future product roadmap, including its plans for adopting the emerging powerline standards being developed by IEEE.

Vigoole to use SiConnect technology for powerline-connected audio products

5 Dec 2007

SiConnect, the leader in multimedia-ready home networking technology, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vigoole to integrate its powerline-based connectivity into the company's range of audio products.

SiConnect and JPNET partner to deliver powerline products for China

5 Dec 2007

SiConnect, the leader in multimedia-ready home networking technology, has signed a memorandum of understanding with JPNET to create powerline based data distribution products for the Chinese market.

CEPCA Welcomes SiConnect As Promoter Member

1 Feb 2007

Beaverton, Ore., February 1, 2007 - Consumer Electronics Powerline Communications Alliance (CEPCA), a not-for-profit industry organization whose mission is to ensure co-existence between various high-speed, powerline communication (PLC) systems for use in the home, today elevated SiConnect to the position of Promoter member.

Powerline tech links whole home for triple play

16 Jun 2006

SiConnect announced what it touted as a “technology breakthrough” for in-home communication - the POEM technology.

This new powerline technology promises to address technical challenges presented by the use of existing domestic electrical wiring for the transport of audio, video, voice and data in the home.

SiConnect plugs into powerline home nets

14 Jun 2006

LONDON - SiConnect, a U.K. start-up, will start sampling soon a powerline transceiver IC that it claims overcomes the reliability, safety and cost issues holding back other protocols for networking video, data, audio and voice around the home.

SiConnect in-home powerline technology signals new era in broadband home communication

12 Jun 2006

SiConnect has announced a technology breakthrough for in-home communication. The company's POEM™ technology addresses the technical challenges presented by the use of existing domestic electrical wiring for the transport of audio, video, voice and data in the home, and enables a new price point to be achieved.

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