SiConnect demonstrates multi-application powerline home networking at CES

7 Jan 2008

At this week's 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, SiConnect will be demonstrating a range of home networking products based on its POEM powerline communications technology. As the leader in multimedia-ready home networking, SiConnect will also be outlining its future product roadmap, including its plans for adopting the emerging powerline standards being developed by IEEE.

The applications being demonstrated at CES include IP-based applications such as IPTV, Voice over IP and Internet content distribution, and non-IP applications such as uncompressed audio distribution. The products are based on the company's first generation PLT050/PLi050 powerline chips, which deliver home networking for today's consumer applications at a new market-enabling price point.

Besides its unique cost model, POEM's other key attributes are its ability to support the diverse QoS (quality of service) needs of different applications, its ability to work straight out of the box without configuration, and its support for running multiple consumer applications side-by-side on a single network without degrading one other's performance. These capabilities are highlighted in the demonstration that SiConnect is making at CES this week, which includes as many as seven consumer electronics applications running at once.

The next generation of SiConnect chips, starting with the single-chip PLi400 high definition powerline modem, is aimed at delivering home networking for tomorrow's consumer applications. Thanks to the continued use of its POEM technology, SiConnect's future powerline communications offerings will retain the compelling price point and superior applications support being demonstrated by its current products at CES this week. The PLi400 and other future products from SiConnect will support the standards being developed at the IEEE in its P1901 working group.

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