Powerline Audio wireless multiroom system

3 Aug 2005

One of the main problems with audio and AV is wires. There's spaghetti everywhere in the average audio visual enthusiast's house but it's almost always seen as a necessary evil rather than a fun part of the AV experience.

Not that this has always been the case. There was a time not so long ago when wires were simply an unavoidable consequence of an interest in hi-fi or AV - it's really only recently that wireless options have started to become viable and affordable, without the need for professional installation. Sure, many of us would love to have fully functioning multi-room systems, free of wires and complications, but most of us are put off by the price, others by the hassle and concerns about degradation in sound quality.

Most 'wireless' systems involve setting up a data network to which various devices connect. But did you know that there's a data network already set up in your home? It's called the mains electricity supply and it can be used to carry audio, and potentially video, as well as other data, in much the same way that a wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi network would.

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