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The PLCforum was formed with the aim of uniting and representing the interests of players engaged in Power Line Communications (PLC) from all over the world. The forum is targeted towards developing concepts for dedicated promotion of PLC and conducting preparation & research in terms of regulation, standardisation and marketing at an international level. The forum are working on preparing the basis for business models of PLC technology and the services that can be offered.

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The 4th PLC World Summit to be held in Prague on October 19 and 20

29 Jun 2006

Now in its 4th year and based on the success of the 3 previous editions, the PLC World Summit will address this year ‘the PLC market developments, trends, major initiatives and short term opportunities.’

Powerline Coming of Age

5 Sep 2003

Don't listen to the naysayer - here is a technology that might just be the answer for communities not served by current broadband…

A successful World Summit of PLCforum Associations

10 Jun 2003

The World Summit of PLC Associations, organised at the initiative of the PLCforum in Brussels on June 10, has been very successful.

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