A successful World Summit of PLCforum Associations

10 Jun 2003

The World Summit of PLC Associations, organised at the initiative of the PLCforum in Brussels on June 10, has been very successful.

The meeting gathered around 30 participants from all leading Associations active in the access and in-home PLC field worldwide (HomePlug, PLCA, PUA, the Japanese PLC-J, and UPLC), and from the European Commission as well.

After long and fruitful exchange of information, it has appeared that the situation is getting more and more favourable to PLC in all parts of the world: technologies are now mature, the regulatory environment is becoming more and more supportive, product standardisation is in rapid progress, number of deployments is increasing (over 200,000 homes passed to date in Europe), etc.

In his wrap-up address, Sergio Rogai, Chairman of the PLCforum, warmly thanked all attendees for their contribution and suggested to consider the opportunity to hold another edition of this World Summit in the near future.

Most presentations made at the Summit can be accessed, as PowerPoint or Acrobat files, by clicking on the below links.

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