IPCF to close to make way for a new united “PLC Forum”

13 Mar 2000

The IPCF resolved at it's recent meeting held on the 9th and 10th March in Manchester UK, to implement a programme to close the organisation. This is in order to make way for a new body, which is being formed with the intention of uniting and representing the interests of organisations interested in Powerline Communications from all over the world.

After over six months of discussions regarding a proposed merger between the IPCF and the PTF, based in Germany, members of both organisations have agreed that the most efficient way to implement a single representative Powerline organisation is to close the two existing bodies. A new PLC Forum will be launched at a meeting in Interlaken Switzerland on the 23rd & 24th March. It is expected that the majority of existing IPCF and PTF members will immediately join the new forum.

Details of this meeting and proposals for the new association can be obtained from Jean-Francois.Droubay@edf.fr

Winding up of the IPCF organisation business will take place over the next couple of months. Members who have subscribed for year-2000 will only be liable for three months membership fee and credit notes will be raised against invoices issued, with a request for immediate payment of the three months membership. Those members who have already paid their year-2000 subscriptions in full will receive a 75% refund in due course.

Everyone involved in the activities of the IPCF over the last 3 years is excited about the prospect of becoming involved in the new forum and thereby continuing to pursue the objective of realising the vast opportunities offered by the emerging broadband Powerline technologies. Further details will be announced about the new forum after the meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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