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International Powerline Communications Forum

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International Powerline Communications Forum Editor's Note

In 2000 the IPCF and PTF merged to form the PLCforum, with the IPCF site continuing under the new name Powerline World. After the sale of Powerline World in 2005 the IPCF site was re-established in its current form.

Old IPCF Charter

The primary objective of the International Powerline Communications Forum (IPCF) (“The Forum”) is to share information regarding powerline solutions (for both premise access and within premise distribution) and their deployments between research establishments, vendors, applications developers, potential users of powerline communication technology and appropriate regulatory and governmental bodies.

The Forum will include representation from manufacturers of communications equipment, power network operators, communications network operators and service operators (in so far as they operate on the basis of communications networks of power supply companies in each case) plus research and development institutions.

The Forum will remain independent and will solely and directly pursue public-benefit purposes. Individual benefits may not be granted to its members.

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IPCF to close to make way for a new united “PLC Forum”

13 Mar 2000

The IPCF resolved at it's recent meeting held on the 9th and 10th March in Manchester UK, to implement a programme to close the organisation. This is in order to make way for a new body, which is being formed with the intention of uniting and representing the interests of organisations interested in Powerline Communications from all over the world.

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