CeBIT 2006: devolo brings Internet-sourced HDTV content into the living room over the power circuit

Triple-play services via ADSL2+ and 200-Mbps in-house powerline communications based on the HomePlug AV standard

24 Jan 2006

Aachen, 24th January, 2006 - In their fourth year at CeBIT, the Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG presents their full range of in-house networking solutions for business and private users in hall 15, booth D12. Visitors can expect to see professional solutions for HDTV video-streaming over ADSL2+ and in-house powerline communications with transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps with the new HomePlug AV standard.

The latest hot topic, “triple-play services” refer to future communications packages which combine high-speed Internet, Voice over IP and online video services. devolo will demonstrate how these services can be transmitted over in-house powerlines in its own TV and entertainment area. Interested specialists can briefly withdraw to the comfort of leather sofas and a plasma screen to enjoy services streamed via dLAN.

Triple-play services over in-house powerlines

Networks that integrate different components such as PCs, DSL modems, gaming consoles and set-top boxes are becoming increasingly important in the private household. Several technologies are currently vying to win over the market. devolo has long been convinced that the technology which will become the backbone for home networking is in-house powerline communication. There are obvious reasons for this; in-house powerline communication is the only technology that is economically priced, quickly implemented, easy to operate and available in every room in the house. This is why in this year, too, devolo is presenting the latest in-house powerline solutions and fast Internet access over ADSL2+ at CeBIT. By presenting their ADSL2+ solutions now, devolo is pre-empting the offerings soon to come from major network operators. Download speeds of 12 Mbps or even 16 Mbps are the standard even now for many Internet providers. As much as 25 Mbps will be possible in the near future. As a consequence, triple-play services will soon play an every-day role and applications such as Internet TV, video on demand and Internet telephony (Voice over IP) will be increasingly popular in private households.

Promising future for Internet TV

An increasing number of providers are making HDTV content available over the Internet. The 2006 soccer World Cup in Germany will have a strong influence on Internet-sourced HDTV offerings. With their ADSL2+ capable DSL modems and dLAN adapters, devolo is well positioned for the future. At CeBIT 2006, devolo will demonstrate this in a dedicated TV and Entertainment area. This area will be used to demonstrate the smooth transmission of HDTV content from an ADSL2+ modem over the electricity circuit at up to 200 Mbps with the new dLAN 200 to a TV equipped with a set-top box.

dLAN now with 200 Mbps

At CeBIT 2006, devolo continues to focus on their successful dLAN products including the dLAN Highspeed with up to 85 Mbps for video transfer, dLAN audio, and the dLAN duo with USB and Ethernet interfaces. Development is moving forward in this area, too. At this year's CeBIT, devolo presents a new in-house powerline adapter which offers transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps. The new dLAN 200 LAN is based on the HomePlug AV standard and is expected to be shipping by mid year.

New DSL product line

Additional highlights especially for entry-level users are the latest DSL products:

  • dsl+ 1100 LAN; ADSL2+ capable modem
  • dsl+ 1100 duo; ADSL2+ capable modem with 2-port router and integrated firewall
  • dsl+ 1100 WLAN; ADSL2+ capable modem with 4-port router, firewall and integrated WLAN access point

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