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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology creates a high speed digital circuit between a customer's computer equipment and the telephone company's central office (UK: 'telephone exchange'). DSL piggy-backs onto existing analog telephone lines, using frequencies far outside the range of human hearing. A benefit of DSL over dial-up modems is that the connection does not tie-up the phone line.

Many variants of DSL exist, collectively referred to as xDSL. The most common are Asymmetric (ADSL) and Symmetric (SDSL) (commonly marketed as Business DSL).


ADSL provides a high bandwidth link to the user and a lower bandwidth return path, designed for home internet access where the user will download more than upload.


SDSL (Business DSL) provides equal bandwidth in both directions, and is more suited to business services in which high speed data transfer is required both ways. As VOIP (Voice-over-IP) telephony becomes more popular users are beginning to demand faster upload speeds from their DSL service.

Recent Developments: ADSL2 / ADSL2+

ADSL2 increases download rates up to 12 Mbps and extends the maximum line length (distance that ADSL is available from the exchange). ADSL2 features improved diagnostics, power management stand-by mode, greater interoperability, faster start-up, and support for packet-based services (e.g. Ethernet). ADSL2+ doubles the maximum downstream frequency used, increasing maximum data rates up to 24 Mbps, dependant on line length.

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DS2 Powers New Comtrend Powerline Products into Telcos and on to the Shelves

14 Mar 2006

DS2, the global leader in high-performance semiconductors for Powerline applications, announced today that Comtrend Corporation, a leading manufacturer of home networking products and customer premises equipment for ADSL, has standardized on DS2's 200Mbps Powerline networking technology for its new Comtrend CT-901 Powerline Ethernet Adaptor product.

Telsey launches DS2 based powerline networking products

6 Mar 2006

Telsey, a leading provider of Access Gateway, IP STB and Home Networking solutions for the distribution of broadband interactive services on FTTx and xDSL networks has announced new products based on DS2's powerline networking technology.

CeBIT 2006: devolo brings Internet-sourced HDTV content into the living room over the power circuit

24 Jan 2006

Triple-play services via ADSL2+ and 200-Mbps in-house powerline communications based on the HomePlug AV standard

Aachen, 24th January, 2006 - In their fourth year at CeBIT, the Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG presents their full range of in-house networking solutions for business and private users in hall 15, booth D12. Visitors can expect to see professional solutions for HDTV video-streaming over ADSL2+ and in-house powerline communications with transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps with the new HomePlug AV standard.

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