DS2 Powers New Comtrend Powerline Products into Telcos and on to the Shelves

14 Mar 2006

DS2, the global leader in high-performance semiconductors for Powerline applications, announced today that Comtrend Corporation, a leading manufacturer of home networking products and customer premises equipment for ADSL, has standardized on DS2's 200Mbps Powerline networking technology for its new Comtrend CT-901 Powerline Ethernet Adaptor product.

The DS2 technology embedded in CT-901 allows advanced home networks to be built without the need to lay new wires so that high definition TV content, audio and data can be shared around the home.

Comtrend is targeting the CT-901 at telecom operators rolling out “triple play” services where telephony, television and Internet access are provided as a single package over DSL. In addition, end consumers will be able to purchase these products through using Comtrendīs extensive network of channel partners. The products, which are already in production, are expected to hit the shelves during the second quarter of this year.

“DS2 powerline technology is the most advanced available, making these new Powerline products a best of breed. We are the leaders in ADSL+ and VDSL, and now we expect to be the leaders in powerline home networking products”, declared Harold Fitch, General Manager for Comtrend Europe & South America.

“Comtrend is a fantastic business partner for DS2”, asserted Jorge Blasco, CEO of DS2. “They have offices in Asia, Europe and America, we both have a global sales and technical team capable of addressing the telecom operators as well as the retail market. Comtrend has strong local support teams close to their customers and they have a reputation in the industry for being remarkably fast to develop any product a customer asks for in terms of features and also in terms of design and customized items.”

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