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Corridor Systems is a privately held corporation based in Santa Rosa, California which has developed a unique and powerful end-to-end solution for extending outdoor mobile wireless coverage efficiently and at a significantly lower cost through the use of the existing electric grid.

The system is based on Corridor Systems' unique, patented technology for extremely efficient transport of spectrum across medium-voltage power lines. This breakthrough technology has multiple applications including mobile wireless, internet access, and transport of dedicated data/voice circuits. The company's initial focus is on the global mobile wireless coverage market, estimated at $5 billion in 2004 for the U.S. and $18 billion globally.

The value proposition of the company's products is comprised of reduced cost for network coverage extension and in-fill/hole-filling, easier installation in geographically problematic areas, and a shorter deployment time due to avoidance of property-owner, land-use and zoning issues.

This solution comes at a very opportune time. As mobile network operators attempt to build additional services and increase capacity and network speeds, they are hitting the reality of basic physics - increases in capacity will shrink coverage footprints. Thus, additional coverage will be required as network capacities are increased.


Corridor Systems was founded by a veteran of HP R&D Labs with a vision to create a “last-mile” solution that approached fiber in capabilities, but for significantly lower costs. The Company has made significant investment in developing it's breakthrough technology over the past 3 1/2 years.

In September, 2003 the company demonstrated the fastest communications ever achieved over medium-voltage powerlines - 216Mbps on PG&E lines in Santa Rosa, California.

The Company is now poised to grow a world-class organization and deliver its winning solution to the market.

Management Team

Corridor Systems is led by industry veterans with experience in microwave technology, communications systems, powerline communications, and the utility and wireless industries.

David Gaw, CEO

David is a veteran technology CEO. He founded and led the growth of Coactive Networks, an innovator and early leader in telemetry and powerline-based residential gateways. David led the growth of Coactive for 10 years from its founding through a peak of 90 employees and over $7M in annual revenues. Coactive's customers included top utilities such as Vattenfall and Detroit Edison. Coactive was funded by top-tier corporate and financial investors including JPMorgan Partners, 3Com, CIBC, Fenway Partners, SAP, Detroit Edison, TechFarm, and others and was sold to Broadband Energy Networks in 2002. Prior to founding Coactive Networks, David held senior positions at Booz Allen & Hamilton and Advanced Decision Systems.

Glenn Elmore, Founder and CTO

Glenn has over 30 years experience in communications and electronics design. During this time he has developed a world-class expertise in analog and microwave design, measurement, antennas & propagation. His 28 year tenure with HP/Agilent prior to founding Corridor Systems has included various engineering roles in the R&D Lab developing advanced RF and microwave products from 0.05-50GHz. In addition, Glenn has been an active leader in the amateur radio and communications communities, authoring over a dozen articles and achieving several firsts including a low-cost 1Mbps wide area fixed-wireless microwave packet network in 1989. Glenn holds patent #US Patent #4641086 for his work at HP as well as the multiple patents pending for the Corridor technology.

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Corridor Systems announces Breakthrough Technology for Broadband over Powerlines (BPL)

22 Sep 2003

Demonstrates 216Mbps over PG&E's medium-voltage grid

Santa Rosa, MA - September 22, 2003 - Corridor Systems today announced results of the latest testing of its PowerCorridor™ system for very high-speed communications over medium-voltage powerlines.

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