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William Luke Stewart, trading as Media Fusion, LLC. gained significant media coverage and investor money during the Dot Com boom with his claims of inventing technology to transmit data along the magnetic field surrounding power lines. His claims were never proven, leading to competitors dubbing the company “Media Fiction.”

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Media Fusion, LLC is a technology company developing for deployment and management its Advanced Sub-Carrier Modulation process (ASCM) for use as a revolutionary alternative technology for data, voice, Internet and video transmission. Media Fusion believes it is the first company to successfully solve the “last mile” problem and that there is no technology competitive with its own. Our unique integrated patented system of hardware and software components successfully uses the world's existing electric grid infrastructure and the invisible magnetic field created by active power lines to transmit at the speed of light (2.5Gb/s) all known data services with virtually unlimited bandwidth. Data includes Internet, cable TV, radio, telephony, video, wireless telephony, load management, meter reading, and other known data transmission events to any customer with a standard electric plug anywhere in the world. The electric grid acts as a guide for the flow of this data.

Media Fusion's technology will bring to the world's homes, villages, schools, and businesses, accessibility to all current information systems that may have been previously limited because of lack of access to telephony or cable system. Media Fusion believes its system is a true paradigm in communications technology for the 21st Century, enhancing the creative work of Edison, Tesla, Feynman, and others.

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U.S. government awards Media Fusion patent for groundbreaking powerline communications technology

9 Dec 1999

DALLAS - Media Fusion has been awarded a U.S. patent on its revolutionary powerline communications technology, which will enable households and businesses across the globe to plug into low-cost, premium-quality voice, video and Internet data with near unlimited bandwidth.

Telecom Power: Electrifying Data

7 Jun 1999

Prospects for using the nation's electricity network as a third telecom line into homes and businesses could get brighter in the coming months, depending on how well technology trials go for one major equipment maker.

Media Fusion covers last-mile with power line communications technology

3 Jun 1999

DALLAS - Media Fusion, a new high-tech company in Dallas, promises to be the last-mile solution sought by the federal government by delivering premium-quality Internet, voice and video data to schools, households and businesses via the most extensive technological platform in existence - the electrical power grid.

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