Powerline Communications

A Solution

None of the available Internet access services offer the right balance of cost, convenience, and speed. Digital PowerLine technology could change all that. It gives customers high speed Internet access through electrical networks. Lower costs are achieved because the service is implemented on standard electrical lines. The service is also convenient because it’s already in your home. Internet access through Digital PowerLine would be at 1Mbps, 20 times faster than a standard phone/modem connection.

Most high bandwidth Internet access schemes fail at the point of connection to residences and businesses. The cost of connecting many individual points usually overwhelms the project. Digital PowerLine services are already connected to almost all residences and businesses through electrical lines, thus making the service more economical for both providers of the service and customers of the service.

Using electrical lines also makes the service very convenient. There is no need for the bulky apparatus associated with wireless access. The service does not tie up phone lines like standard phone/modem connections, current implementations of Cable TV services, or other phone line based services. Additionally, the system features constant access to the Internet and much of the apparatus is already in your home.

Digital PowerLine offers very high speed Internet access. Its performance far outclasses phone/modem connections and even ISDN. At 1Mbps, customers of Digital PowerLine services could explore the Web, talk on the phone, and watch a video-on-demand movie at the same time. All of these services are available through the innocuous looking electrical lines currently in your home. Evidently electrical lines were manufactured with more forethought than phone lines.

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