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Amigo Technology

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The Amigo Technology website is unavailiable as of July 2007, no word as yet on whether the company is still operating.

Amigo Technology Inc. was incorporated in January, 1990 for the purpose of engaging in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of highly reliable multimedia products with the emphasis on establishing a high technology base as its prime objective.

Amigo specializes in communication enabled products, such as wireless LAN, Homeplug / Powerline, ADSL modem, ADSL router, switch, V.92 56k modem and router series.

As the preeminent networking technology leader, Amigo is poised to continue succeeding in the Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) markets for both the horizontal and vertical applications.

USB / Ethernet

  • USB Powerline Adapter US Ver. (AMH-IA12U)
  • USB Powerline Adapter EU Ver. (AMH-IE12U)
  • Ethernet Powerline Adapter US Ver. (AMH-IA13E)
  • Ethernet Powerline Adapter EU Ver. (AMH-IE13E)
  • Twin-Port Powerline Ethernet Adapter (AHE-221W)
  • Micro Powerline Ethernet Adapter (AHE-225W)
  • Micro Powerline USB Adapter (AHU-226W)
  • Exterme Powerline Ethernet Adapter (AHE-227W)


  • 4-Port Powerline Router (AHR-215W)
  • 4-Port Powerline ADSL Router (AMX-CA/CE34H)


  • 11g Powerline AP (AHW-228W)

Components / Reference Designs

  • SIP 51M0 Module (AHM-213W)
  • SIP 51M6 Module (AHM-223W)
  • SIP 52MX Module (AHM-224W)

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Powerline Integration with Home Network

2 Sep 2004

Taipei, Taiwan, September 2, 2004 - Delivering video and audio entertainment over the network is becoming the main focus of product development as well as end-users. The current market HomePlug powerline products are mostly compliant with HomePlug 1.0 standard. As shown, powerline technology can offset the disadvantages of Wi-Fi compliant products. For now, the powerline transmitting data rate is up to 14Mpbs. By the first quarter of 2004, HomePlug AV standard will be released and the transmitting data rate will be up to 200Mpbs. This will become another mainstream in the area of home entertainment network.

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